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Q: How do I become the best of my age group?

A: Playing football at any professional level requires hard work, if signing a professional contract is the young players aim, then the hard work will be worthwhile. It is important to constantly strive to improve your game in areas such as fitness, technique, tactical awareness and any other aspects of the game which aren’t considered your strongest, this will allow you to become a better player and ensure that you stand out.

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Football agents whatsapp numbers

Football agents whatsapp numbers are often requested by footballers looking for players. in our agent database we have access to thousands of agents and their contact details

Why do football agents use whatsapp?

Well, that is simple whatsapp allows for instant communication via direct message or phone calls internationally without the large charges that would have previously been incurred. That means tis a great tool for agent and football players to use for communication with one another.

So how do you get the whatsapp numbers of agents you are probably asking. Like all phone numbers they are not just something you can find on the internet as they are private numbers of some very busy people but you are in luck as we have access to the agents directly through our database. By creating and sending your football CV and sending the agents they get all your playing information and contact details in front of them. Then if you are what they are looking for they will contact you directly usually through e-mail or whatsapp.

How do I contact football agents?

Well, you are in the right place as at MyFirstAgent we have in our database all the FIFA registered football agents and you have the ability to put yourself forward to them with a professional looking football CV. Just sign-up today and you can send your details to these agents to start the process of getting yourself in front of Football agents looking for players.

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