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Q: Are there any countries in which you do not operate?

A: We are best placed to assist players in Europe, the Americas, Australia and various other territories, but it is difficult for us to operate in countries currently affected by conflict. Please note that we would also discourage registrations from non-professional players in western African countries (most notably Nigeria and Ghana) as we receive an overwhelming number of applications from this area that we simply cannot assist on an in-depth basis unless you are already playing at a top level and possess both the talent and documentation/international experience to be able to play and work in the UK.

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Parents/Guardians Page

At MyFirstAgent we pride ourselves on our professional yet personal approach which caters for the individual needs of the player.

One thing to bear in mind is that football is a very fickle business. Of the hundreds of youngsters who enter the game at 16, only around one out of six will continue in the professional game past the age of 21. We don't bombard young players with false promises. We give straight talking advice to both player and parents for the best interests of the individual and their long-term prospects

Under the advice of FIFA, all footballers up to the age of 18 signing scholarship forms or a professional contract should have the written consent of their parent or guardian

Advice for young footballers

For any football player to be in the game, especially at the youth level, you don't have to be the biggest, strongest, or fastest to be successful. A positive attitude goes a long way in helping not only your game, but your teammates as well. For any young footballers there are other aspects which have to be monitored in order to succeed. Playing football at any professional level requires hard work, if signing a professional contract is the young players aim, then the hard work will be worthwhile. Hard work includes working on different parts of your game game, such as fitness, technique, tactical awareness and other aspects of the game which arenít your strongest in order to become a better player. As professional football can be a relatively short career players need to be at their best abilities at all times in order for them to be recognised and not replaced by other players at youth level.

In the current game many young players are released as teenagers, some are released before and after signing youth term contracts. Players who are released find it very difficult to bounce back from such a disappointment, so all young players need to be mentally strong in order impress when given a chance at other clubs. Some players stop playing completely once released whilst mentally stronger players continue, these players will continue trying to impress no matter how many setbacks they have and this can be an important aspect for any professional player.